I was ready to leave the program and had started packing my bags when the program administrator showed up at my door. After talking to me for a while, she then did something that perplexed me – she started crying. I found it so strange that someone would care that much about ME. There was a myriad of things that brought me to where I am today but it was the love I experienced at this program that was something like I had never experienced before in my life. They continued to go out of their way to make ensure my success. Two months after my extended stay, my tests revealed I was depression free, anxiety free, and medication free – and I have stayed so since then. Today, I am one of the 10-day residential program nurses and work with Dr. Nedley numerous programs per year. I get to give back to others what I was so freely given.
— Tried to Commit Suicide 5 times

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Previous to Depression Recovery I felt inadequate and ineffectual in every task. I embraced the thought of peace in death. At Depression Recovery my counselors gave insight to the deplorable self-talk I was engaged in. I have been given the tools of cure. For largely the first time, I see hope!
— High school history teacher
Prior to coming to Depression Recovery I had started to dread each new day. I felt frustrated and helpless! I had become very tired and hopeless of life getting better soon.
DR has changed the course of life for my husband and me. I feel rested and full of joy. My husband’s emotions are waking up and his personality emerging. He is much more positive.
— Married to a chronically depressed man for many years

My anxiety and fear were holding me back from fully living my life and being truly present. During Depression Recovery I learned that I do have the power to face my fears head on and conquer them. My trust and faith have been deepened and I feel a sense of hope and excitement for the future.
— Young mother of 3 children

Life was one mind numbing experience after another. Negative thoughts always seemed to be swirling around in my head. I was a little skeptical, but I took a leap of faith—especially considering the cost. Right now I think: You’ve given us a very good deal. My mind is thriving. I can’t believe this is me.
— Divorced mother recently remarried

For a long time, I closed myself off from everything and everyone. I just swallowed myself in my grief. Because of this program, my hope has been restored, my joy has been restored, and my health is slowly being restored.
— College Drop Out, brother committed suicide recently

Before Depression Recovery I felt nothing. I was just existing but not experiencing life. Nothing gave me happiness or pleasure. At Depression Recovery I started noticing a change… shed a few tears and laughs. My emotions are coming back. I’m even smiling.
— Young post college working man with OCD and depression

I spent most of my life in an unconsciously calculated way of slow suicide and self-sabotage. Coming here was my last hope. At Depression Recovery, through the lectures, CBT, exercise, nutrition, hydrotherapy, etc., I have been able to reconnect with God. It gives me hope—and that’s what I’d lost.
— Highly functioning alcoholic

Before Depression Recovery, I was hearing thoughts like ‘I hate myself,’ ‘I’m such a failure,’ and ‘It would be better off if I were just dead.’ I was a truly miserable person on the inside trying to keep it together on the outside. While here, God has turned my brain on again. I feel such a happy soberness.
— Woman with Severe Depression and Broken Marriage

*some stories have been edited for clarity.

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