20 Years Ago...


One in three of Dr. Neil Nedley's patients struggled with depression or anxiety. As an Internist, his job was to get to the bottom of it all. His patients would continually come to him with the epidemic of depression that was sweeping society. Through his ongoing study of the latest scientific research related to diseases of the mind, combined with years of clinical experience, Dr. Nedley committed himself to finding the root causes of depression rather than just anesthetizing the symptoms with medicine.

As Dr. Nedley studied the causes of major depression, he found myriads of causes. Yet, although he found well over 100 causes, most of these fell into one of ten categories. Discovering which of these ten categories are operative in each patient not only helps to eradicate depression or anxiety, but also helps each person to achieve peak mental performance. Dr. Nedley found it takes four categories of “hits” being operative for mental health to decline significantly. (Note that under each category there might be three or four things active, but that still means only one “hit”).



You First.

The Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program™ leaves no stone unturned in determining the exact cause and precise brain chemistry of the patient that can be reversed and fixed.  You will get the most extensive laboratory analysis with other comprehensive tests and expert evaluations of your current physical, mental/emotional health including extensive genetic/epigenetic testing.  You will find out what genetic flaws you may have, and how to turn off those bad genes through nutrition, lifestyle, and cognitive approaches.  The typical lengthy trial and error approach is unnecessary since Dr. Nedley’s approach will reveal what medications, supplements, cognitive approaches, and other therapies will be best for each individual patient.  The frontal lobe is enhanced through lifestyle methods that can also enhance practical spirituality that improves self-control and the ability to manage your emotions, instead of your emotions managing you.


It works for severe depression.  Sleep disturbances.  Fatigue.  Apathy.  Loss of focus or concentration.  Feelings of worthlessness.  Deep sadness.  Feelings of hopelessness.  Emptiness.  Weight and appetite problems.  Irritability.  Agitation.  Difficulty in functioning.  Lack of interest and motivation.  Insomnia.  Early morning awakening.  Oversleeping.  Difficulty in making good decisions.  Relationship problems.  Sexual problems.  Loss of healthy libido.  Underachieving.  Feelings of being on edge.  Feelings of panic.  Social anxiety.  Phobias.  Obsessions and compulsions.  Post traumatic stress disorder.  Poor self-control.  Poor frustration tolerance.  Addictions.  Brain fog.  Suicidal thoughts and tendencies.  

Yes, You. 


Save. Your Life. 

Why wait and put up with the continued dysfunction and relationship issues caused by depression and/or anxiety?  Continuing to struggle with depression/anxiety results in over $300,000 family income lost over a lifetime.  Over $10,400 is lost per year in under-employment of the individual with depression/anxiety.  The residential Nedley Depression and Anxiety Program™ is actually significantly less than the over $10,000 that will be gained in future income yearly once depression/anxiety is controlled or eradicated. There are other inpatient and residential programs that are much higher in cost - over $45,000. But as one insurance company learned, by comparing results of this program with the Nedley program, both short term and long term results are much better in the lower cost Nedley program.