Healthy plant-based meals

Starting with the right diet is essential to clearing the mind. Our professional cooking staff will prepare three complete nutritionally balanced meals a day. In addition, you will receive professional cooking demonstrations so that you too can learn how to prepare healthy and wonderfully tasty meals that uplift your mind. All recipes will be available upon your departure from the program. 



LUXURIOUS full body massages

Working out knots in the body can help relieve mental and physical tensions and improve the circulation. Relax your mind and body with a at least two full body massages. 


Healthy Meditation

CHALLENGE your mind with beneficial mental exercises

Renew your mind  through healthy meditation that enhances your entire brain, including the front thinking part of your brain. You will be given time each day to focus on these exercises both alone and with others. 


Mind Enhancing Music

uplifting musical sessions

Listening to certain types of music can help to improve mental cognition and function. Attend enjoyable music sessions with live professionally-trained musicians. You will also be given opportunities to participate in music and learn how it can challenge and enhance your mind. 


Spa Treatments

INVIGORATING full spa experiences

Enjoy amenities such as saunas, salt scrubs, water therapies, and foot baths. You are here to be served. Take advantage of the facilities and your mind and body will thank you.



COMPREHENSIVE Fitness coaching

Morning exercise training is lead by a trained professional and everyone participates to the extent of their ability.  Stretch the body as well as the mind through daily stretches coached by your fitness coach. Time will also be given for walking and hiking throughout your stay.



Peaceful Country Setting

Hear the birds singing and trees whispering. You will be encouraged to get to know the setting around you. Hike nature trails, sit in the sun, or swim in peaceful summer streams. Breathe in the fresh air and watch the stars at night. These opportunities will be sure to thoroughly reinvigorate your spirits. 


3-Dimensional Activities

Practice a new skill

Get your hands busy. Practice skills such as gardening, clay molding, cooking, sports and games, playing music, and other activities. Research has shown spending time in a 3-D environment every day will benefit the mind. 



Stimulating hot and cold treatments

Increasing blood flow within the body and to the brain will help your mind wake up and improve more rapidly. These stimulating treatments will be administered specifically to each participants needs and conditions.